Subject: Finding a vet for your soon-to-be glider
Posted by Betsycc on September 10, 1999 at 23:22:58:

If there is a Zoo nearby contact them and ask who their exotic vet is or who they recommend.
Even if you cannot find a glider vet close by - you can usually find one nearby that will be willing to help in an emergency.

Btw- I have heard a rumor that V.I.N. is charging vets now to use their services. For those of you unfamiliar it stands for Veternary Internet Network, anywho. The neutering info on V.I.N. is outdated and incorrect!
If you have a vet who says they read how to do it on V.I.N. you need to ask specifics.

A male gliders pompom can be removed easily without much trama by a vet who knows the correct proceedure. If the pompom is openned and the testicles are removed, the operation become much more complicated and so can the negative aspects.


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