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Posted by Bourbon on September 11, 1999 at 15:31:13 from

Okay how many times have we seen people come on here asking for help with sick or injured gliders, , or us ourselves knowing there was something somewhere back in the archives about it. Well We decided to make a page so that if someone had a problem, they had a place where they could get the story, It may even help the vets. I suggest everyone read them, and watch them often as they will be added to on a regular basis. Jo, I asked you for your story before. I will again, Candyv, We sure could use yours too. This page may aid vets as well that is not really educated in the glider area. By leaving your email addy with it, People with similar problems can contact you as well. The you can direct them to your vet or something that may help them. By NO means is it intended for self diagnosing the illnesses. ALWAYS if in doubt that anything is wrong, get them to the vet FIRST.. Let me know what you all think about it. Feedback, we need feedback on anything new we do, so as we know whether or not it needs changed or not. any suggestions at all.

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