Subject: neglected glider, am i making progress
Posted by collette on September 11, 1999 at 17:13:23:

I got my daughter's glider 3 weeks ago (the one she ignored for 8 months) and have been giving it some time every day. I get it's pouch out about 6 and place my hand in it till I get Alex on top of it and rub it's belly a little. It crab's for a minute and rests. I'll hold it like this for about 30 minutes and return it to the cage. at night i wait for it to wake and put it's food in the cage, it runs into it's next box ( a 5x3 card box) and I tempt it with food, It loves lima beans!!! I open the lid while it eats and pet it while still in the card box. then it goes back to its pouch and I bring it to the bathroom, get in the tub(empty of water but too slick for it to get out, i hope) with it and let it run over my back, (it won't go up my front). After a few minutes it gets back in its pouch and we go back to the cage. In the morning I get up and its real frisky when i open the cage!!! It has jumped out twice and run down my back, scaring me only because my room has so many nooks it could get lost in!!! ( not to mention my three dogs, who seem to ignore it more the longer i have it) I calmly turn my back to the cage and it gets back in. Does this signal progress if it jumps on me from it's cage?
I've ordered a bonding pouch and exercise wheel for it from sugar gliders and exotic pets. can't wait for the pouch so I can bring Alex more places with me!

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