Subject: Bee Stings
Posted by Patty on September 12, 1999 at 02:47:12:

Has anyone experienced their Glider getting stung by
bees? Took my
Willow and Frisbee camping with us on Labor Day
weekend. They loved the
freedom of the tent at night and it was fun hanging
shirts for them to
use as swings. What a laugh!! night a
yellow jacket got in
and Willow decided it should be dinner. She grabbed
it before I could
stop her and got her hand stung. I ended up at a Vet
that gave her a
cortisone shot since she was heaving like she was
trying to throw up.
She never swelled or got hives. Maybe the bee wasn't
very tasty!!
Anyway....she is fine but just was wondering if they
ever get allergic
reactions. Will a reaction build up if she is stung
again? I know with
me, I have been getting worse reactions after each
sting and we have
been bombarded this year.

Thanks for any info.
Patty and the gang.

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