Subject: She's started being so mean.
Posted by Scott Runnels on September 12, 1999 at 12:25:36:

Last night, and this morning when I tried to put her in my pocket she has gotten so mean. She woke right up, and I dipped my finger in peach juice and she licked it off. I got her out of her pouch and she crawled into my hand and started to just repeatedly bite. I took the first 15 or 20 or so, then she started biting so hard it was breaking the skin and cutting deep. I took a couple of those, but she seemed intent on doing it more so I had to shake her off, into her cage. Then she decided she didn't want the cage, but I didn't have a choice, I had to leave, and she wouldn't climb onto my hand. Every time I went near her, I she would bite me so hard, it would break the skin. I wouldn't move my hand but I just couldn't take any more, so I ended up having to grab her tail and put her in her cage. Right now she's curled up in a shirt of mine, at the bottom of the cage, because her pouch is being washed. This is so disheartening. I've spared no expense, and put so much time into her, and she hates me. I know she's scared, and I try my best not to act angry or get mad, but she actually bit me and dragged her teeth, causing a 1/2'' tear in my finger, thats bleeding pretty badly. Any suggestions as what to do? I know it takes time, but she started out so swwet. I'm not willing to get rid of her, because this is probably my fault. I've read all the pages I can find on "Bonding and Trust," but she still bites, claws and crabs AT me. She did jump to my face from the cage, but I doubt it was for help. She just wanted out of her cage, and my face was the closest object. Hurts that she won't give me a second thought, when my whole day is consumed with thoughts of her and trying to get her to bond.


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