Subject: I guess I was right..
Posted by Kim on September 12, 1999 at 14:50:29:

In Reply to: why did she die posted by Brooke on September 12, 1999 at 13:38:31:

How long was this after you took her mate away, broke up the family and let the joeys die? You have proved that you've done little to no research. I was right tho, you did kill her. Again, IF you had done any research or even a little checking into this situation you would find that when a glider needs a bath you DO NOT put them in water. You WIPE them with a warm wet cloth and dry them off before putting back in cage so they DO NOT get sick! Now, IF this really happened a month and a half ago, or at all for that matter, why did you not bring it up with your first post on 9/04? BTW- you still hadnt answered my question about what are you feeding her, or what WERE you feeding her? I will keep my personal opinions to myself about why I think you didnt answer me. You dont seem the least bit remorseful, about either of the events.
In your last post you needed info, I gave it to you and you didnt even seem to care. As for your question about why she died I think you're smart enough to know why so I am not answering that.

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