Subject: Re: Vacation?!?!
Posted by W on June 30, 1998 at 11:23:13:

In Reply to: Vacation?!?! posted by Kristin on June 28, 1998 at 23:53:06:

I agree with taking your gliders with you if you can, mine can handle the
car pretty well (thaey get a bit crabby) as long as you travel during the day when they

ALTHOUGH, I just left my gliders for 9 days while I went to Hawaii. They do not like
being left, but there was no other option. I have a roommate feed them whom they know,
but they do not want his attention when they aren't getting mine, so they stayed in their cage
with no human contact really. No, they don't like it, but they do survive and get over it pretty
quickly when I return home, they practically leap into my arms. For the next couple of days they
get pretty clingy and think they deserve extra snacks and chin rubs, and out of their cage for hours
to run around.

I have left them 3-4 times for over a week, and each time they turn out fine. I think it would be better
to take them if you are going to a safe environment (although that tramatizes mine too), but don't think
your gliders will be scarred for life if you leave them for a week.

I guess it depends on your glider too.

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