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I hate to jump in here, Melinda was doing soooo good, The time element, we can't give you a time, no more than we can give anyone a time as to when their glider will trust them, each glider has it's individual personalities. Therefore some may only need 3 days, others takes months, a year, some never learn to trust at all. The things you mentioned though, yes by all means do them, when you feed her, open the cage to do it, you will notice small steps forward, let HER decide when she is ready. She has a lifespan of 15 years, you have that long to wait for her. Yes by all means open the cage door and feed her, treat her, DON'T make any moves towards her though. She will come to you. Hang that shirt.. that is so very important, keeping your shirt in the cage , that you wore that day also. anytime that you have your shirt that stinks and smells of your sweat and body, it is that much more reinforcement, that it is good. You will be with her all the time (through your scent) even though she isn't physically with you. Yes sit by her cage, don't offer her biting treats through the cage bars though.only licky treats for a while, She must feel like she is in control of when she wants you to touch her. In the meantime, try to get her room gliderproofed. As for your diet.. I didn't respond , but only because I am not familiar with what you are using. We know the RepCal in the leadbeaters works, The petshop here got a new calcium suppliment, but i won't switch, only because when you add something different, that means modifications must be made elsewhere to accomadate it. I highly suggest the leadbeaters, made to the recipe, no changes till after the owner has had a chance to check out other possibilities. But I also suggest , no modifications in it, till then. There is a page we are working on, it is Called Real Stories. The stories were written by the users of this base, that has run into medical problems, DIET is the number one cause of most medical problems. here is some links to check out this is my gliderproofing page, which many users have helped put together. this is the real stories page this is my diets page , also done by many great people. It explains the different foods available, the ingredients, and some controversies.

Good Luck Scott, Melinda, continue.. you were doing such a great job, I hated to interrupt you..

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