Subject: Sounds fine to me! :)
Posted by Melinda on September 13, 1999 at 10:44:03:

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If she was with the male for only two nights, then of course she'll be fine. I just thought
I'd mention it just incase she had been with the male for a long period of time. Im answer
to your questions, yes i dont see why it would be a problem to hand feed her her food,
but as Bourbon said, let her come to you.
Please try not to take offense to any suggestions anyone gives you here, no one is telling you your wrong
with anything you do, and your the only one who knows your glider, and can see how she feels.
No matter how much any of us research gliders before we buy one for the first time, there's always questions
once you do bring them home.
Its a long emotional road to becoming a happy glider mommy or daddy. If that special bonding happened overnight,
then I very much doubt anyone would give up their precious pet. It takes someone with a lot of love and patience
to make their new glider into a pet who you'll wonder how you ever lived without!
Hang in there Scott, the hard work will pay off soon!

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