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the glider food is called Brisky's Accuefeed, You can feed that in conjunction with the leadbeaters, however, it must be as if you are feeding separate diets. With Briskys they ask that you don't over feed any selium, however, selinum is found in many vegatables. Do your eat the briskys at all?? I know many gliders don't care for it. But that is a controversy in itself.. What are you adding that has the proteins? remember pretend the briskys don't exist, it is designed to be a sole diet, Not highly suggested by me however. with Ruths recipe, she also feeds cooked chicken, for her proteins and pinky mice or day old chicks. some of us has gliders that wouldn't eat them hence the modifications in their diets.. Please read this talks of briskys and leadbeaters.. It also has my modified version of the leadbeaters on it. Just look at it..

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