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: Well, it has now been a month since I got Radar and Skye. It seems like it hasen't been half of that time already. My two are absolutely great! I have tried to start the bonding experience off slow, since I have heard fast starts can cause major setbacks. Soo far my little ones are both very healthy. One is a bit pudgier than the other and for me (besides personality) it is very hard to tell the two apart so I can't say if it's the male or female. (I know the differences but...) They both seem to really sleep excessively but I chalked that up to being young. They have progressed in getting up, was around 1:30-2 AM from the start and now is 12-12:30 am now.
: Other than that I have been taking them with me in my shirt a feww times a week. They seem to sleep very soundly and only come out when I take them out and want to play. Then they just content to sit on my shoulders awhile and then go back to sleep. They seem to like their cage. I have wooden dowels in there for them to climb on, the wheel and a Manzanita branch. I also put a Paper roll in there for them. lately they have begun to rip this apart pretty good, and I hear them bite at the edges of their wodent wheel. I guess I should get some natural branches for them, just hard from where I am... Other than that everything seems to be off to a good start.
: Tim

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