Subject: Building Trust.
Posted by Scott Runnels on September 14, 1999 at 11:35:51 from

So far, Dizzy's been in her cage since Sunday night without me disturbing her. She seems to prefer a shirt of mine that lays on the floor, as opposed to her pouch. I try NOT to wake her up. The only time I disturb her is to feed her. I usually give her a large cricket when I wake her up. I'll hold onto the end while she holds onto the front and eat it all. I try to pet her during this time, usually by petting her head, behind her ears and right before her tail. I'll also dip my finger into some ledbeaters, and offer it to her (I picked up some Chicken Noodle Baby food, and i"m going to give her that too.), she'll usually lick it off, no matter how many times I give it to her. She'll come to my finger a BIT. She'll kinda creep towards it by just stretching for it...she won't walk to it. She also doesn't seem to want to be awake very much. I woke her up last night around midnight, and fed her a cricket and some ledbeaters, of which she ate the whole large cricket and the ledbeaters off of my finger. But she didn't eat much (if any) out of her bowl. I gave her some cut up cherries, some grapes, and some peaches and pears (all of which came out of a can of Fruit Salad) with a little of the juice added in, and the ledbeaters in the same bowl. Should i have the ledbeaters in a different dish? I don't know how much she was awake last night, I went to bed before she woke up, and I went to bed around 1:30 to 2:00am.

When she crawls into my hand of her own volition does that mean she will be ready to be taken out, and I can start wearing the pouch with her in it under my shirt?


Scott Runnels

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