Subject: Re: NO Chocolate!
Posted by Ashjan on September 14, 1999 at 14:27:29 from

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Before anyone else posts to this. Let me make sure you all know that I do not feed my gliders candy. However if you must have a bowl of candy out then make it one that won't kill your glider, even if it isn't great for them to have. The get their FULL serving of leadbeaters everynight no matter whether they have dry food, treats, or leftovers from my night out. I traditionally bring food home from restraunts that I know my gliders will love, Chinese food is a favorite although a rare one because of sodium content. Leadbeaters is the only available balanced meal that I have found. It is easy to prepare, all gliders love it (if they don't you screwed up the recipe) All other foods should be well monitored. And given as extras not as their main diet. There I was too tired last night to spam, but today I can see that I didn't elaborate enough. No Chocolate! Ashjan.

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