Subject: Food Fight
Posted by aNDIE on September 14, 1999 at 17:30:26 from

I am still trying to get my gliders togeather and we have come a long way but have ran into another wall. Dinner time has turned into a war zone!! They sleep togeather wonderfully and are starting to play nicely with limited fighting. Except when it is dinner time. I use the same dishes that they have been using. Two seperate dishes placed in opposite places of the cage. Kayce (4m,f) is fine, she eats a little and plays alot...not bothering anyone. Harley(9m,m,neutered)goes BALISTIC!!!!!!!! He will get a piece of food and take it someplace to eat it, then he sees Kayce and starts making this horrible noise. At that point he will attack her and he is very mean! She screams and runs but he chases her. I put my hand in the cage to block him but he continues to attack me to get to her. Harley is a very lovable glider. Kayce does not make any threatening moves, she just minds her own business. I usually have to end up seperating them for the night because they eat all through the night and I can not stay up and supervise all night long. My goal is to eventually have them living peacably togeather. Any suggestions on dinner time?

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