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Posted by Scott Runnels on September 14, 1999 at 17:50:12 from

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I don't make it a regular occurance...maybe once every couple of days.


: I have recieved a few e-mails since my last post, so let me clear this up. I didn't mean that I NEVER wake mine up during the day, just that I don't make it a regular thing. Especially back when I first got them. I wanted to cause the least amount of stress as possible, so I really didn't disturb them that much. I know it's hard, but they really needed to get used to the place (and me).
: Now I can go in at anytime of the day and give them a treat or a snuggle and they just look at me and smile... yes, I swear my babies smile (and no, it's not gas)hehehe
: Sorry... mommy joke!

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