Subject: A Late Night Visitor and a Happy Ending. Sugar Glider Style
Posted by Lisa on September 14, 1999 at 19:08:27 from

On the phone with my b/f a few weeks ago, I got the scare of my life. A BEAST was climbing up the screen of my second floor patio door. A small beast, but a beast nonetheless, and my first thought was a bat, but bats do not have 4 feet, and understand I was seeing him from his underside only, as it was dark and he was clinging to and climbing on the screen. He then leapt to the wall mounted light fixture, and I, scared, did nothing for a moment, and then went outside, scared it would jump on me, LOL. I climbed on a chair and looked at him, and knew he looked familiar, but I was not sure why/how, etc. I did realize he was now a CUTE beast with a lovely V on his face and thick luscious fur.

Then I remembered, my sister's flying squirrel, called a honey something I think? So, I decided to capture him, and I did, by placing a wicker wastebasket over him and a plastic lid beneath. He jumped right in. He crawled about in there, and did not crab or act nervous, so I put some paper towels in and he burrowed down and went to sleep. I hopped online and did a search for exotic pets and found him, a sugar glider. (well, honey is close)

Next day, he was settled into a new lovely abode, and I was equipped with more info than I could handle, tho no pet stores carry them here in my town any longer. My daughter named him Henry, and I decided that he needed a pal, preferably a female for comaraderie and romance. Ahem.

To make a long story short, a small local breeder here had decided to scale down a bit and had a female with 2 joeys in the pouch available, and was willing to sell her to me as he felt (and was correct) that she would be going to a good home. We met, and I chose a female, just a few days ago, they are sleeping now, in their pouch, great friends already, tho Henry would like to try more of the romance part of the relationship, and she is having NONE of that, poor Henry.

He also has had a bit of adjusting to do as there is now a female in this former bachelor's pad. She crawls all over him, stretches herself over his worm dish when he is eating, and takes each piece of watermelon, etc from his very mouth and eats it. Once again, poor Henry, LOL> Also, she sleeps with him without any dating, and he seemed shocked at first, but whatever 'fort' he decided to sleep in, she crawled in and TOOK OVER! I am so proud of her.

She is actually more friendly than he, completely tame, and also a chubster. Both will eat from my hand, let me 'hold' them and have no compunction whatsoever about using me for a latrine. =(

Henry is a handfull, he has no fear, and has WAY too many things to do, including leaping to the face of a watching cat and scaring the CAT to death. This was an interesting interlude. hehehehe.The young lady has not been officially named yet, as that is my daughter's dept, but she spends the evening crawling over me and my desk, a lover, for sure.

The breeder found our story charming, as do I, and so I am sharing it, and also mentioning that I have gathered MUCH information from this and other boards and sites, and thank you all for having so much information available. =)

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