Subject: Me again, see below, Joey missing?
Posted by Lisa on September 14, 1999 at 19:11:40 from

Update and refresher on previous late night visitor story: I have a male glider, and just provided him with a tame and wonderful female glider--who happened to come completely equipped with 2 joeys in the pouch.

They get along well, and I did see the 2 definite peanut sized lumps in her pouch frequently. Last night I noticed that one appeared to be missing. She did not seem to care for my closer examination, ie. she ran all over my desk and did not come back to me until she was good and ready. I was just trying to turn her over in my hand, but that was a no can do.

I decided to wait until daytime, when she was less playful/distracted but she wanted none of it then either, I am not too keen on forcing the issue as she has been through a few changes already.

I have noticed that the male seems to have an inordinate interest in her pouch area, as well as a few other areas, ahem, but she seems to be VERY clear on allowing NONE of that.

IN their sleeping pouch, she is occasionally making 'sneezing' sounds and upon peeking, I find she does this when he is nosing around her pouch.

Finally, the question: is it possible for he or she to have removed the joey and consumed it without any evidence of such? I examined the cage and the inside of the sleeping pouch carefully, no blood or pelt, etc. Also, do the joeys move so that one would be unable to see the lump clearly? the other side is the same as always. More questions: is it typical for a male glider who has obviously not parented the joeys to want to eradicate them and breed with her himself, or for any reason, I know some animals have this trait. Should I seperate them? They seem to love eachother, play for hours, are crawling all over eachother, and she had 3 cage mates in her previous home, a male, neutered male, and another female, her sister.

Both are eating well, very active and have thick lush fur, so I am not worried about a nutritional lack or anything.

Any response would be appreciated.

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