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: do we have in Florida? I have a list with most of my "gliding buddies" that has which part of the country they are in, but how about all you Floridians sounding off so we'll know who to send good thoughts to! :)
: And also who to do a head check on when this Floyd guy leaves town!
: I know Donna, Jo, and Paula, but I'm not sure what part (I failed geography)hehehe

I'm in seminole. We aren't going to get anything it looks like.
I've been reading this site for about two months doing research before
I got my gliders. Now I have my two babies and I can't
believe how amazing they are.I posted a question tonight.
Maybe one of u can answer it. My male who is 4 months oop
is losing hair on his tail. When I got him it was just
on the tip and now (almost two wks later) it is moving toward his
body. I am taking him to the vet day after tomarrow.
Does anyone have any ideas. There are no sores and he is
active and bonding well.He did have a problem eating fresh
fruits and veggies. I mixed a bunch in a blender and that seems to
do the trick.

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