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: How about a Godae update? :)

Godae is doing fine, he has actually turned towards a mealie when I put on next to him!! I think he has a bit of sight, not totall, could be mistaken, but I think he does at least see shadows, I know he can hear, he cringes when there is a load sound, like one of my daughters screaming at each other...., he can also smell...that was evident when he went for the mealie..he still hasn't eaten one yet, but I do think he will soon. I haven't given him anything but his leadbeaters diluted with his ensure, lots of water, and juice....and that one green bean!!, so I think he will like the taste of a mealie soon!!!
He is still a very active little guy, he runs all over the place, he has no fear tho, and that does alarm me....I am afraid he will hurt himself in his cage, so I have resorted to watching him on shifts.....he also has a very strange habit, since the onset of this illness....or whatever it is.....he likes to get in the bottom of his pouch and put his nose in the corner and he keeps on "digging" to get out....I don't understand this, maybe it is all due to his sight loss, am not sure. If any of ya's have any comments, suggestions, or questions...WRITE ME!!!!!! would love to hear from you all!!!!!!

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