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Posted by Kim on June 30, 1998 at 22:31:39:

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: Hi Dina,
: I shop for my glider toys in the bird and cat sections. Her favorites are a wood ladder, a swing with a bell, and a kitty ball with a jingle bell inside. I try to rotate different toys in and out. She also really likes a long piece of cotton rope that I tied at the top and let hang to the bottom. I've been wondering what other toys people use, so I hope you get lots of answers.
: Happy glidering,
: Tiffany

: : Heya,

: : First things first....I'm decorating a big cage for my glider (who I'm not getting until July 10). I want to know if anyone has any cool ideas of what to put in there. I have rope ladders, and pouches for sleeping and thats about it right now. I still have a while till he/she comes but i want to have everything ready before.

: : Ok now second thing. I'm not complaining or anything just want to kinda say something about this. Once in a while on forums and chats you see a lot of adults treating teens like kids. We are not all bad, and a lot of us are even RESPONSIBLE, I just think that this stereotype is really annoying considering me and my friends are very dedicated, responsible people.

: : Just thought I'd add that. Have a nice day!
: : -Dina

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