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It sounds like you've got a ton of fruit!! Dizzy should be happy with her choices. Please keep in mind that with leadbeaters as a staple, with added mealworms, chickens, fruits, there is only so much a single glider can eat. I use Mazuri as a staple food and give about 1/4 cup of fresh food per glider per day. Someone who uses leadbeaters could probably give you a better idea of how much fresh food and how much leadbeaters Dizzy should go through in a day. Good luck with you new diet.


P.S. Most gliders won't eat the rinds or skins of any food so there is no reason to save it :-)
: Well, I went to the store today for fresh fruits and veggies. I got:

: Apples
: Melon (Watermelon, Honey Dew, and Cantalope)
: Grapes
: BlueBerries
: Raspberries
: Mango
: Kiwi
: Peaches
: Nectarines
: Plums
: Carrots
: Corn
: Green Beans
: Sweet Patato
: Romaine Lettuce
: Squash.

: I cut all of skin off of the Kiwi and the rhinds off the melons, but i kept the rhinds in a bag incase they ARE healthy for her. If any of you have any info on this, I'd appreciate if you passed it on to me. So 24 ziplock bags in my freezer. It is okay to freeze them right?

: Thanks
: Scott Runnels

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