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:I don't know what a Polly's Pastel is. I use those's plastic round bird pertches.
I also have a stick in their cage. I've read that it's not good to feed yougart, but a
very itty bit of cottage chesse is ok..Like a treat. Every glider has their own things
that interest them. Mine like toes, ears, nose's and fingers the best. I've got
thing that roll, things that jingle. Just got to get soemthing and try it out.
I hope I've helped.

P.s. On the yougart and cottage chees thing. I don't feed my glider either. Except what's
in the leadbeater mix.

Little Bit

I am very seriously considering buying a glider baby. But I have a few questions that no one seems to know the answers to : Is a Polly's Pastel a suitable perch for a glider? Also, is it safe or not to feed them yogurt or cottage cheese? Lastly, got any suggestions on what gliders REALLY like to play with/on??? THanks.

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