Subject: Question about hair loss
Posted by Season on September 17, 1999 at 20:36:54 from

I posted this already and didn't get a real reply. I have a three month
oop male. The end of his tail is losing hair. He was like that when I
got him. I think its gotten worse but he won't let me examine it.
He is bonding pretty well. I also have a female 2 months oop.
There is no hair loss on her. They are energetic.Supposed to take them
to the vets but had to reshedule for next Tues. because my grandfather
had a heart attack.Here's what I feed them
Ruth's recipe leadbeaters switching to Bourbons after this batch
hardboiled egg w/ shell
fresh and frozen fruits and veggies
blended fruits and veggies
(they don't seem to eat much of the fruits or vegetables
so I'm trying everything, baby food fruit)
chicken bone twice a week
mealworms once a week
repcal in leadbeaters
Tried a pinky mouse night before last but they just killed
it. they didn't eat any of it.
Is this good? Any suggestions are welcome.

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