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Polly pastels are used for birds to keep their nails trimmed. I have 2 in my gliders cage, but I also have branches for them to climb on. Since they are safe for birds I assumed that they would be safe for gliders. I feed mine a little yogurt now and then, it was really helpful through the bonding process. If you get a glider and decide to feed it yogurt as a treat be sure and get lowfat, with live cultures. DO NOT get yogurt with artificial sweetners. Mine like the dannons with fruit on the bottom. I don't feed mine cottage cheese, I think i read somewhere that it wasn't good for them. Hope I helped! (T.J.)

: I am very seriously considering buying a glider baby. But I have a few questions that no one seems to know the answers to : Is a Polly's Pastel a suitable perch for a glider? Also, is it safe or not to feed them yogurt or cottage cheese? Lastly, got any suggestions on what gliders REALLY like to play with/on??? THanks.

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