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: I am very seriously considering buying a glider baby. But I have a few questions that no one seems to know the answers to : Is a Polly's Pastel a suitable perch for a glider? Also, is it safe or not to feed them yogurt or cottage cheese? Lastly, got any suggestions on what gliders REALLY like to play with/on??? THanks.

I have several gliders. In each of their cages they have perches and tree branches. I honestly don't know what a Polly's Pastel perch is. I actually have a parrot also, so the same perches that are in her cage our in theirs. I get tree branches from a company called Briskey Pets. They have all types of neat things for exotic pets. They're number is 1-800-462-2464, I'm sure they'd be able to send you out a catalog.

In the one cage is a "tree house" with a bunch of openings for them to climb in and out of, and from what I can tell they really enjoy it. I my other cage I have a wheel for them to run in. It's actually pretty funny to watch they run and stop constantly. I think they're trying to figure out if they've actually move.

On yogurt, from what I've read and tried... get low fat, i get plain myself and add my own fruit (grapes,strawberries,melon) just be sure to water it down a bit approx (50%) so its not too strong tasting. On cottage cheese, I've never feed any of my gliders cheese. I don't know if it's bad for them, but I've never read anything saying it's okay to try either. Be careful of cherries. Mine LOVE them, but don't give them the seeds they're toxic to gliders. Hope this helps...

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