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: Don't know about building cages but my dad built the one i put my sugarglider in. he doesn't come to this sight, would you like his e-mail address?

: : Okay, I'm building a cage very soon. I just need help with a few things:

: : 1) Does anyone know of any good sites with instructions on how to build a cage?
********* I can't think of any.
: : 2) Does a Wodent Wheel come with hooks (so you can attach it to the cage wall)?
********* I believe they do, if not just get some hog rings, and a hog ring clamp and clamp it on.
: : 3) Any cheap, make-at-home toy ideas?
********* The cardboard rolls in Paper towels and toilet paper.
: : 4) Other advice?
********* No smaller than 2' deep 2' feet wide and 3' feet high. Use only 1 inch by 1/2 inch caging. Hog rings do well, to hold them together, as do plastic slip ties. Try to get some tree limbs (NON TOXIC, check some sites) and perhaps some rope. I used 24 feet of 1/2'' diameter rope and strung it througout dizzy's cage.

: : Thanx sooooooooooo much!!!

: : Jane2

Scott Runnels

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