Subject: Me and Brizzo are still around, Few questions and Available male in Ontario anyone???
Posted by Dina on September 18, 1999 at 18:58:00 from


Internet is up and running again for me, to all of those who have known me since I first got Brizzo. She's doing good but shes still on the thin side. She has a new found love for my kitten, and she barks when my kitten leaves the room, sometimes at such convenient times (4 am >:| )
Does anyone know where you can buy a nice cage in Ontario Canada? Everywhere I go the cages arent that big, and the ones that are have bars that are spaced too far apart.
Also does anyone know of any available adult males for sale (or adoption) in Ontario? I'd like to get her a mate, and now that I've had her for over a year, I'd like to get another one for me also and I feel more confident when it comes to gliders.
Thanks, Dina n Brizzo

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