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she continued to eat alot till she died about a month ago

: >>>>to eat alot of fruit? Mine don't like fruit that much. Not a whole thing a week. Thats why I buy frozen whole fruit and bagged fruit. If I left it in the fridge, it would ruin....Brienna
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: : my sugarglider was a pig, she could eat a whole container of fruit in a week, but she was thin anyway, do you think she was sick?

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: : : Freeze the fruit. Every morning when I fix my kids breakfast for school, get the food I want to feed my gliders out and put it in the fridge to thaw out. Alot of the fresh ruin fast so I freeze. Cut it all up first. Just get out what you need for that day or a couple of days. Just so nothing spoils and you wasted money. I put small portions in zip-lock bags and freeze them.

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: : : : Should I keep Dizzys diced fruits, in the freezer or in the fridge? Right now I have them in the freezer and they are frozen solid. So I just broke some off, and heated it up in a microwave a little bit. Is that okay?

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