Subject: DON'T switch diets..
Posted by Bourbon on September 19, 1999 at 16:27:45 from

If you have a diet that is good and proven, whether it is briskys, ruths leadbeaters version, mazuri, Fresh foods. DON"T switch cause there is a small modification that needs to be made. My diets page explains all that in full deatail. Briskeys is meant as a sole diet, it is balanced, nutritional, IF you change that diet by adding other things, then you must be sure that it is still balanced with the proteins. The same with Ruths leadbeaters. If you are using her version, be sure you have the added proteins that go with it, to KEEP it a balanced diet. To just switch in mid stream is totally uncalled for. As with any diet.. if you add more of one thing, you must also add more of something else to balance it out. Briskys has been for a long time buffed because of the "sole" diet thing, so people want to add variety.. there is nothing wrong with that, but add it all. Don't just add fruits and veggies, add proteins too. ALL are important in any diet.. whether it is for us or the gliders, you wouldn't just feed on hamburger with out something else on the side.. I use a rule of thumb, if you are using Briskys, pretend it isn't there, add the fruits 1 part veggies 1 part, and meats/proteins 2 parts.. Briskeys is completely balanced as with this will provide the variety with a complete balance as well... Learn the different diets, we all have our own that we use, many are different than others, we each have our own VALID reason for chosing the one we use.. and Let me tell you, it isn't because,.. "so and so is using it"...Each diet has it's pros and cons, find out what each one is..then you decide..but don't spur out and decide to change without a valid reason for doing so. I was talking with Scott about switching his, ONLY because , he was coming in here each day, and saying his glider didn't eat much.. and some of the foods he was using to feed her wasn't healthy for her. When you are fist starting out,.. find a proven diet, talk to people who use that particuklar diet, follow their feeding plan, Then research other possibilities. What works for one may not work for another, But, at least learn about their needs first, before you go playing with your own diet plans.. Briskys have been proven for some, Mazuri for others, Ruths version for some, My version for Others, Betsy's for some, Caroline Macpherson's for some , Debbies for some, Fresh feeding for some.. a combination of a few of the above for some..and there are the diets used in Australia,.. which also is a combination of a few of the above.. Learn them... start with one persons plan, and stay with it, completely, till you find something else that you may like better..Don't switch on a whim, your gliders life may be at stake..

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