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I probably should have been more specific on my plans. I am going to continue to use Brisky's, leaving it in the cage all of the time. I figure that if Annie is hungry and I am late getting home to feed her, she will at least have some food and water. She doesn't really like Brisky's - she would rather throw it than eat it. I have been supplementing her diet with glideraide & fruits and veggies, but didn't realize that new protien requirements had been discovered. (I have had one *heck* of a summer!!!)

My new plan is to supplement her diet with the higher protein leadbetters in addition to fresh fruit and veggies. I checked four pet stores today, and could not find RepCal. All anyone seems to stock is ReptoCal - with phosphurus.

Annie seems to be very healthy, alert and playful. I just want to avoid any problems in the future. Any info on Glideraide would be appreciated. It is comforting to know that there are people on this board who can help me with Annie - it seems to be the only place where I can get accurate information.

Stay happy!


: There is no reason to switch your diet, all you have to do, since you are adding fruits and veggies to the briskys, youi need to balance it by adding extra proteins as well.. A simple modification is all you need. Briskeys is designed as a sole feed diet, IF you add extras like the fruits and veggies, then add proteins too..

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