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Posted by Elwin Bullard on September 20, 1999 at 18:18:46 from

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: I'm so glad you're back!

Thanks so much.:)

: And very sorry to hear about Rocky. I remember all of the updates you used to give about him and Brad and Janet, and how we were all pulling for them.

As one of my employees reminded me, I was able to give him an extra good loved six months or so that he would not have had if I hadn't taken him in. I have thought about planting lilies over him but was afraid to would appear to maudlin.

: So, how many gliders do you have now? How are they doing?

Four pairs,

(F) (M)

Myra and Myron 2joeys OOP

Gizmo and Rusty 2 joeys IP

Edina and D'on 1 joeys IP first litter

Patsy and Brad

All the girls are daughters of Myra and Myron. All the males are technically rescues although we did pay for Rusty and Brad. D'on was given to me by a pet store that had had him dumped on them.

: I still have my Baron and Belle. They are doing great!

Have they bred yet? How old are they? My oldest are about 2 this year.

: Again, it's good to "see" you again.

Thanks again, its good to be back.

Elwin and the flight

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