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>>see my female a few weeks ago open her pouch and clean the inside and she was as big as a walnut. The baby is only a couple weeks oop. Its eyes just opened about a week ago. It is the cutest.She is the cutest. But yes, she did open her pouch and clean the joey inside just a couple of days before it came oop.
: I beleive that Bliss, my psyco-glider and rescuee from a pet store, is now pregnant.

: Since one of the few things she allows us to do, without too much finger damage, is to rub her chin, chest and belly, I noticed a hard spot about the size of a medium sized pea on one side -- "cool" I thought "a joey, maybe she'll calm down a little more"

: Well, she has settled down enough to sit (while sleepy) in my palm for a few moments. AND to my utter astonishment, cleans her belly while there. Now for the wild part (at least to me) -- She pulls her pouch wide open, puts her face in it and cleans the joey. Then pulls her head out and holds the pouch open for a few seconds. I swear I saw the fetus wiggling around.

: I was totally dumbstruck -- has anyone else ever seen this behavior up close and personal? Is this normal? Will she stop as the fetus grows larger?

: My other female (Brie), who is much more tame, never did that in my presence. We are very closely bonded and I fussed hourly over her and my first grand-baby during the entire pregnancy. So much so that the day after her joey was out of pouch, she and her mate left me to babysit the newborn, while she ran on her wheel. I guess she was trying to get her girlish figure back .... hehehehe

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