Subject: Good glider-bonding night!
Posted by Scott Runnels on September 21, 1999 at 11:33:10 from

Last night was a pretty good bonding night for Dizzy and I, I think. Usually, I will put my hand in Dizzy's cage while she's playing and she'll crawl onto it and and use it as a play toy. No matter how many times I put it in, she'll crawl into it and play. Well, sometimes she'll crawl up my arm, and i'll kind of make a hand path back into the cage and she'll follow it and just keep playing. Well, I decided it would be okay if she came out last night. She jumped onto my hand and then scurried (like lightning!) up my arm and onto my back. Well, I read on a site that if you want to train them to stay on you, then everytime they jump off, you just let them crawl back in your hand and put them back on your shoulder. Well, she'd jump to her cage (actually she decided it would be fun to jump from about 10 feet away, so I got to see her glide. AMAZING!!!!). but once she landed, she's scurry around the top and then she'd crawl back in my hand. Sometimes I kind of had to put both hands down so she'd crawl in. Well, I decided to try to get her used to me moving while she was on my back so I just kind of paced around my room. She'd just ride on my shoulder and crawl around my back. She prefered to stay on my shoulder blades or on my back, but acouple of times she would crawl on my head (So cute!) or she'd ride right next to my ear. When she was on my back she was a little timid of my hands but when she was on my arms she loved my hands.

Also after I put her back I stuck my head in her cage, and she jumped at it and grabbed a rope right in front of it. She hung upside down and proceeded to play with my nose, eyebrows and glasses. She'd also bat around my hair! She's such a cutie!

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