Subject: Help with Diet
Posted by Michelle Barnes on September 21, 1999 at 12:42:39 from

I recently got three gliders from a local breeder that all
have ended up dying. I was completely traumatized by that
experience. I recently got two new gliders on Sunday from a
pet store in my area. Looking at the new gliders, they seem
to be so much healthier than the others that died. I have
gotten a little neurotic about making sure I am doing the
right things as far as they are concerned. I have read
through the messages on this board and this seems to be the
best site I have found for providing good info. Anyway, my
questions involves diet. The pet store fed the gliders the
Brisky and I have it in their cage. I am not 100% sure but
they seem to be eating it. There are alot of broken pellets
on top of the food whereas when I left it they were all
whole pellets. Since Sunday, I have also fed them fresh
cantaloupe, fresh honeydew, grapes, mealworms, and cottage
cheese as a treat. I actually see them eating the fruit
all the time. I'm confused........should I feed
ledbetter's too (I have all the ingredients). If I am o.k.
with the Brisky's what should I feed to supplement. Am I on
the right track? Just a little nervous because the male
that died would not eat anything but grapes and nectarine
and I had to force feed him a mixture of ensure and chicken
baby food up until he died (that experience was very
traumatic for both of us). Any suggestions would be helpful.

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