Subject: Scott, try this....
Posted by Brienna on September 21, 1999 at 15:57:11 from

In Reply to: my Glider doesn't seem to like her wheel. posted by Scott Runnels on September 21, 1999 at 11:36:38:

>> I went to Wal-mart, go to the fabric department. Find a white plastic sheet about a foot long and a few in. wide. It is filled with tiny square holes.Its used for some kind if nitting. Its cheap too. Cut it the size of the wheel. I bought white plastic tie backs usually located in the car parts stuff.Automotive. The plastic ties that once you attach them you have to cut them off. I lined the inside of the wheel with the plastic fabric stuff and put the ties every so inches away. I monitored them when they ran because the wire running across the center can still catch their tails. But now I have a hamster ball that is detachable for running around the room or sitting still. They love their ball. The metal wheel squeeked too much....hope this helped
: I just have one of the plain metal wheels in dizzys cage. it's about 5 inches in diameter and she doesn't seem to want much to do with it. Sometimes when I spin it she'll come sniff at it and sit in it, but other than that, she'll just leave it alone. Should I try putting it higher?

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