Subject: Wire Wheels
Posted by Bourbon on September 22, 1999 at 09:08:37 from

In Reply to: my Glider doesn't seem to like her wheel. posted by Scott Runnels on September 21, 1999 at 11:36:38:

I too know of tail amputations. but also.. and this is something everyone can do.. justr so you know.. the next time you are in a pet shop, stand sideways on the wheels, when a hampster or gerbil is running on one, it's feet slide through the bars ALOT and OFTEN. now wqith the gliders, they have their membrane, it can and WILL cause serious injury.. watch how much problems the hampsters, mice or gerbils are having running, then you picture your glider doing the same thing.. Spend the extra money get a WODENT WHEEL, it is safe. Betsycc also sells them, if possible, talk to the pet shiops about buying some for their pets as well, they come in 3 different sizes.. make them also see how cruel the wire wheels are to their pets..

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