Subject: Some very bad news.....
Posted by Jill on September 22, 1999 at 13:39:17 from

Hi, to all of you who don't know me well I'm Jill and Dizzy (my glider) died yesterday night. I was babysitting and my mom said she'd take care of Dizzy for me and feed her and stuff (I'm 14, I don't think you guys knew that) and I called my mom twice to see how Dizzy was I was very worried and I don't really know why, but after my mom fed her she claims she latched all three latches but when I came home Dizzy's cage was wide opened so I figured my mom was playing with her so I went and asked where Dizzy was and she said in her cage but she wasn't so I started searching frantically for Dizzy in my room not finding her and I was crying hysterically becuz we have five dogs and three cats and I just knew she was dead even though I didn't want to think that but I ended up finding her on the floor in the living room dead I picked her up she was like all wet from which ever dog killed her and I looked in her eyes and she looked soo scared. I don't know how I could have let this happen to her. I'm still crying. I loved Dizzy soo much and now she's gone my mom said she'd buy me another sugar glider but I'm not sure I could handle it cuz everytime I'd look at it he/she would probably remind me of Dizzy. I didn't have Dizzy very long. I got her August 25 and now she's gone. I can't believe she's gone. its not right! SOrry if you think I was too vivid on what happened but I had to share it with you guys. And thankyou for all the information some of you gave me about sugar gliders I really appreciated it. thanx bye


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