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I don't give steak very often.I don't eat it often myself because I watch my red meats, but once in a while I'll cut up a piece about the size of a quarter and let them have it.Their favorite I think is the ground turkey. I bake about a handful of it in tin foil for them when I'm making meat loaf.They also get meal worms and crickets.

: :I haven't seen steak before, isn't it too high in fat? Or, o.k. as a treat?

: : Have you tried chicken or ground turkey?Mine love both of these, and on rare occassions, I give them a small piece of unseasoned grilled steak. I cut the ends off and give them the middle.They go absolutley nuts for this!

: : : My gliders love the fruits and veggies, tho they prefer watermelon and apples. I have been feeding them 4 or 5 live crickets or mealworms and they seem to LOVE them. I do nto think they eat the leadbetters, and they also do not seem to eat the Brusky's tho I always leave it in the cage. I also have been giving them peas and avocado each night, which they love, and sprinkling it with the repcal and repvite, also, I shake the mealworms in the vitamins/calcium.
: : : They don't seem to care for eggs, and I am wondering if the worms and/or crickets are enough.\
: : : TY!!

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