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Posted by Michelle Barnes on September 22, 1999 at 16:00:46 from

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You're right, it's not worth it. I have read all your suggestions to new owner on this site as well as others. I understand your concern for making sure new owners have the right facts. I'm glad you and every other devoted and loving glider owner is there to help.

: I am sorry If I sounded a snappy, I see many new people come in and play around with the diets, and soon have very sick or dead gliders. The gliders diet is so confusing in itself. I spend a lot of time working with people who don't have any idea as to what the glider needs in their diet.. No one can say for sure what they need here in the states. There are diets that have worked over the long haul. but dear, you JUST got your glider, and my money is on that as much research as you have done, you too have seen , the many different diet plans. PLEASE, don't try guessing at her diet.. That is a life threatning issue. not enough, calcium, vitamin e selinium, can be fatal.. But so can too much of it .. so if you have no idea, and you want to guess, then you are playting russian roulette with her life.. now is that worth it??

: : : Michelle, find a PROVEN diet FIRST.. use it, till you have a chance to really research their dietary needs.. there are some wonderful WORKING diets out there already use one that has been used for a long time, and stay with that persons diet plan. read down on this page .. read everything regarding diets.. EVERYTHING.. don't try self supplimenting till you know what you are looking for..

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