Subject: With all due respects..
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Lisa, Diets are the first and foremost most common cause for illness and joeys deaths..I said to cut back on those things because they are not healthy Staples for their diet, they are things that should all be fed spareingly..Have you made any modifications in the leadbeaters? which diet are you using? whose version? It isn't uncommon for gliders not to like Briskys, it is however rare, that they don't like the leadbeaters, if made to the recipes..I am not saying that NO glider dislikes it, but it is rare, I have been suppling the petstore her with leadbeaters for a long time, all of their gliders they get in from various breeders, have all eaten it well. I have heard from MANY people who also make it accordingly, and also their gliders love it. On the other hand, I also have talked with some whose gliders wouldn't eat it, only to find out they made a change in it, a small one to them, but a change..but by cutting back on the "treats" It will open the door for real wholesome food..

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