Subject: I don't know much about gliders but I know this..
Posted by Brienna on September 23, 1999 at 10:49:07 from

I am in it for life! I love them like I do my kids. I jump around to several different message boards to see sooo many people who know nothing of these animals. I honestly can say I was one of them. I saw a picture of one here and there and decided to get one.Well two. But I tried to get books but they are hard to find. About the time I got my pair, I got webtv. So the same time, I found you guys.Then I started learning and still I am. I am honored to say that I am still around.I alwys will be. But what makes me realize and think how awful some can be with these animals leaves me clueless. One posting that REALLY gets to me is one that states she just got a glider and she feeds it like three diff. things, it sleeps on the floor. This person knows NOTHING!! i am not gonna down grade this person. But atleast I had the right mind to ask questions about how to take care of them. That makes me feel good inside. All I can do to help these people is give them my p.o.v. Right? I may not know it all, but I know enough to help them servive. I feel helpless, sick, confused and alot more when I read this kind of stuff. I want to just say, "let me have it and I will care for it"
I had a friend of my sisters tell me that when my pair has babies, she wants one."Oh, what do they look like?" Yeah, right. I will never sell to anyone that doesnt know what they are or look like! I am going to copy information down off on the net about gliders and give them to petshops and places that lack information. But I have one concern, the more people read the information, the more people will want them.
What do you do? Help or help more. But if you just imagine how many people come here and leave this board, how many out there that dont post at all. What about them? At least I can say that the ones that post on ANY message board is taking a step. They are the least one to worry about.They are getting some kind of info. But the ones out there that don't..who knows how they are handling situations.As I was talking about a post above,on another board, I have never read anything so far so discusting to me. I replied to this person and gave them some info. and referred them to glider gossip for help. But the have not yet replied back to me. What if they never see it, and continue with the way that they have been doing? That poor glider will end up dead. And I feel that is one person I have lost to.Or I should say, that is one glider i couldn't help survive!

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