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OK, I am using this recipe:

1/2 c apple juice
1/2 c honey
1 boiled egg with shell on
1/2 c dry flakes gerber baby cereal, I have the rice
1/4 c wheat germ
vitamins and calcium, I have repto vite and repto cal--it has no phosphorus
1 jar gerber babyfood chicken

I blend it all until smooth, and put it in a dish, but they only sniff at it.

Also, I have heard that the smell of the urine will become strong if they have too many vitamins, and I have not noticed this, nor any limb problems. They are VERY active, eyes bright, fur thick.

I did lose 2 joeys, as I purchased the female with 2 joeys already in the pouch, but I do not feel their loss was diet related. I have been told on the glider boards that this type of thing will happen with a male who is not the paternal parent of the joeys.

Henry, the male, is quite slender compared to the female, whom the breeder told me was a bit chubby, but the other female he had was MUCH chubbier. I am hoping Henry will gain a bit and Jackie will lose a bit.

The breeder did tell me that his gliders ate both the Brisky's and the leadbetters, but he had 4 gliders in the one cage, and so Jackie may not have been one of the ones who was eating it. He also put the vegetables and the fruits in with the B and L.

The question I am wondering is if the worms/crickets combined with the sprinkling of the vites and calcium are sufficient as far as protein is concerned if they do not eat the L and B. They also eat the fruits and veggies, I will vary them more, and use the avocado just for Henry's treats as it is so high in fat.

Thanx for your patience, I appreciate your input. Lisa

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