Subject: Re: Should I get a male or female?
Posted by Terry on December 04, 1997 at 10:07:40:

In Reply to: Should I get a male or female? posted by Tara on December 03, 1997 at 17:22:53:

: I am looking at buying a sugar glider, but can't decide if I should get a male or a female. The male I am looking at is pretty tame, and I would like to have him. But I heard they mark their territory. How bad is this? Will he do it for his whole life? If I get him neutered will it help? How bad is the smell anyway? I have done quite a bit of reading on the matter, but it seems I can't get a straight answer. The breeder told me that the male's scent is sort of sweet, and not very offensive. Is this true? I would appreciate some input.

I personally HATE the scent of the male. My male is droping scent everywhere he goes. If he jumps on me from the cage he will sprinkle drops of urine all over me. It totally sucks because my male is very tame and fuzzy and playful, but I choose not to play with him because everything stinks after. I do not know if they do this for life and I have not heard of anyone neutering or descenting a glider. Good question. I would suggest a carefully handraised female. My baby is my favorite yet and actually will climb inside my shirt and fall asleep.

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