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Just want to say that I appreciate your responses to my post even with this huge cat fight going on. I freeze the leadbetter's too. I tried frozen and thawed. I am starting to think they are the rare ones that just don't like it. I am going to continue to offer it periodically, because my reseach shows that their like and dislikes can change frequently. I am working to balance their diets with things I can get them to it. They don't seem to like boiled chicken or egg. Giz doesn't like mealworms. This morning I found that they both like crickets, so that is a good protein option. They both also devoured tofu mixed with applesauce, so that's good because the tofu is good source of protein and calcium. Anyway just trying to test them out and find protein sources they will eat as they seem to like all fruits and veggies.

: Michelle,

: Do you freeze the mix or do you keep in the fridge? I freeze mine and she'll eat it right up. Maybe you just got a glider who just doesn't like it. Is the rest of her diet balanced?

: Thanks

: Scott

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