Subject: another baby for me
Posted by Jill on September 25, 1999 at 14:44:12 from

Hey everyone, I just got another baby glider today. My mom came home from work and she said she had a surprise for me but it was in the car cuz she had too much stuff to carry in so I went out there and it was a baby glider! (in a pet taxi of course) SO, I'm very happy I have a new little baby but haven't decided on what to name her just yet. I've made some adjustments to the living space that Dizzy was in before I Put the cage in a separate small room (always shutting the door so no dogs or cats go in there) and I got some different latches to make her cage more secure and the cage is also sitting on top of a shelf type thing so if a dog does go in there they couldn't reach her. SO hopefully nothing will happen to my new little girl. ANd I'm gonna take extra care of her. She's not as nice as Dizzy was but they all have different personalties and soon I'm sure she'll be just as sweet. And I'm sure I'll probably have more questions for you guys sometime. thanx.

Jill :)

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