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: I have had my sugar glider now for about 5 months. Recently I have not been able to spend as much time as I should with her. I was thinking that I should get another glider to keep her company. I was wondering if I can put in the same cage right away? Will they get along? Last question will the new sugar glider bond with me our more w/ my glider?

I had my male for about a year when I decided to get a female.
She was a baby so he was about one year older. At first they REALLY
didn't seem to get along, well actually Fivel didn't seem
to want to have anything to do with her, he actually tried to
attack her through the cage! The good news is they now get along
great and are currently raising a family. It took a couple of
months (actually about 6 months) of them living side by side in cages
for me to decide to let them begin to play together. After a
few days of playtime together I put them together in the same cage.
They were fine after this! So what I am trying to say is even if
they don't get along right away it doesn't mean they never will.
Plus, since I had to buy a cage for Honey stay in during the introduction
when I finally put them together I connected their cages so now the cage is
twice as big. I am really glad I decided to get Honey.

Hope this helps!

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