Subject: Re: WELCOME!!!!
Posted by Kim on October 02, 1997 at 21:28:48:

In Reply to: Re: WELCOME!!!! posted by Terry on September 30, 1997 at 19:09:36:

: : : : Terry,
: : : : What is up with your e-mail It is not working wanted to tell you that I am not on webtv anymore and e-mail keeps getting sent back.... 8-(

: : :
: : : I tried to make my email work, but I am having a problem with the mail server. I have moved the email links back to It should work now. I will work on the email server later.

: : : How do you like the new look of the site so far?
: : Terry,
: : The site looks great and with a computer it looks alot better that with webtv.I'm still real new at the computer but your site was the first place I went to when I got it online...LOL
: : Well now I'm not sure if Spice has babies sometimes it looks like she does and others she doesnt...~sigh~
: : I do know that I know nothing about sexing my hamsters as I now have babies in every cage....*Grrrr* Just what I didn't need MORE hamsters..LOL

: Well you might get lucky! Unlike sugargliders, hamsters will often eat their young! Yum Yum!

Or I could feed the young to the sugar gliders.......YUM YUM...LOL

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