Subject: Re: Is mine male or female?
Posted by Terry on December 04, 1997 at 10:15:28:

In Reply to: Is mine male or female? posted by Dustin on December 03, 1997 at 10:55:34:

: I have two Gliders. I was told that they were of oppisite
: sex. Well, I'm not so sure. What are some tell tale signs
: I can look for to tell then apart. I know the males have
: a bald spot but I can't see it on eather of them. Also, my
: Gliders always go to the bathroom on me. Does anyone have
: this problem? If so, what can I do to stop them?
: Thanks,
: Dustin

Sounds like you need to get a book!
The males have their testicles high up on their tummies and they tend to hang their genitalia out all of the time (go figure). The first time I witnessed a male glider genitalia frightened me because I did not know the specifics and I thought the animal had some problem. The male genitalia is bifricated or basically has two heads like a two-headed snake. Very strange thing indeed but apparently very adequate as I already have an offspring. The female will have a slight vertical line or pouch on her tummy. I have found that the females are usually a little smaller in size and seem to be more aggressive and more quick to bite and run away.
As far as the constant pooping and peeing, ummm, no. There is no fix that I know of. You should probably not wak the animals during the day. As with all animals, the first thing they do after they wake is urinate. I have found that my two adults do this regardless of when I get them out. The mother is especially interested in peeing on me any time of day. Funny thing though; my baby does not show this behavior. I can only attribute it to being hand raised and showing no fear towards me. I think it is natural for animals to pee when they are scared. Maybe the smell and taste of urine is supposed to make them a bad meal.

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