Subject: Baby Glider With Attitude
Posted by Brandi on September 25, 1999 at 20:19:36 from

My gliders, Honey and Fivel have two babies that
have been out of the pouch for about two or three weeks.
One of the babies is so sweet and loves to be held and
already has fallen asleep in my hand and pocket. The other
one however is always crabbing. Even after he seems to
finally be calm sitting on my hand he will start crabbing
over any little thing. He not only crabs at me he also crabs
at the other baby and his parents. Why is he doing this? I
know gliders have different personalities, Honey and Fivel
sure do, but the difference in these babies is really dramatic.
Should I be worried about him or will he come around? I have
been holding them a couple hours a day, because I didn't want
to keep them away from their mother too long. Does anyone have
any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


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