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Hi Michelle,
I found out about the turkey totally by accident.I had forgotten to boil some chicken for them and was making meat loaf and just took a handful and baked it in tin foil. Its their favorite.Another thing you may try baking a piece of chicken unseasoned for them.I notice that mine will eat more of the baked things than the boiled. Like I said once in a while when I grill a steak I will cut off a center piece of about a size of a quarter, take the ends off and give them the middle. They go nuts! but this is again once in awhile because of the fat content.I have problems myself, so I can't eat alot of steak, so when I get it, so do they.The other night, i gave them a piece of a hard boiled egg.That was gone the next day, so another winner.

: Hi Donna-

: Thanks for your posting suggesting using ground turkey to get some protein in a glider's diet. They are picky eaters. I was having trouble getting proteins into Gizmo and Shug's diet. I tried some cooked ground turkey today and they gobbled it up. Again, thanks. BTW..........I tried tuna in spring water and they loved it too!!! Tofu also seems to be working well, but I have to mash it and mix it in baby food fruits. Whatever it takes to get the proteins in to balance their diets.

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